Digital fabrication for vocational education

A Fab Lab, or digital fabrication laboratory, is a place to play, to create, to mentor and to invent: a place for learning and innovation.

Fab Labs provide access to the environment, the skills, the materials and the advanced technology to allow anyone anywhere to make (almost) anything.

Digital Fabrication Lab

The Network

A global network of over 150 Fab Labs now exists, connecting people, communities and businesses across the world and enabling them to collaborate, problem solve and brainstorm ideas.

Fab Lab Charter


FabLab is a global network of local labs, enabling invention by providing access for individuals to tools for digital fabrication.


You can use the FabLab to make almost anything (that doesn’t hurt anyone); you must learn to do it yourself, and you must share use of the lab with others.


Training in the FabLab is based on doing projects and learning from your peers; you’re expected to contribute to documentation and instruction.

How can we Help?

FabLab Wood ShopWith the experience of design and implementation of FabLab in Communities, Schools and Mobile FabLab, we can design, equip, install, train the team and provide workshop resources to effectively run the FabLab

Fab Foundation

We can help connect your fablab to the network of fablab communities for collaboration, mentoring, prototyping and patenting opportunities

Fab Academy

Edsolab will organize to offer Fab Academy Certification for the trainers of your FabLab.

Maker Faire

We have experience organizing MakerFaires to build network of makers, hobbyists, innovators to present their ideas, prototypes, share their knowledge and skills.