Trailblazing Interactive Education

We are a digital education resource with 1000+ 3D, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality educational experiences. Use Hologo in your school and have students learn what we do by recreating our experiences.

How we can support you in transforming your learning environment:

We help students understand learning objectives by teaching them to recreate our 3D experiences and offer schools access to our library of animated 3D content. Or, work with us to co-create experiences as you desire.

Create & Animate 3D experiences

We teach students how to create and animate experiences in our library. Enroll students in our 3D skilling courses.

License 3D, AR & VR academic content

Make learning engaging and easy to understand by visualising lessons with 1000+ interactive 3D experiences. Learn in multiple languages with audio narrations and interactive quizzes.

Co-create content with us

It’s as easy as telling us what experiences you need, with minimum support from your end. We take it from there and add it to our library.

Apprentice Program

We train students to become real-time 3D developers and offer the opportunity to gain industrial experience by working with the Hologo team.

Real-time 3D is a computer graphics technology that generates interactive content faster than human perception. The demand for real-time 3D skills is growing 50% faster than the average demand for IT skills such as coding and data science. Pursue a diverse range of career paths such as architectural visualizers, engineering simulators, entertainment & film animators, game developers, AR/VR engineers and many more.

We are offering students a transformative perspective of learning. Students understand syllabus objectives by creating lesson-specific experiences to fulfil their academic outcomes.

We teach students how to create 3D lessons with Unity and Unreal engines. Texturing, creating and modifying materials, animating, and lighting are core skills that will be taught.

License Hologo Content

Individual students, parents, teachers, and schools can subscribe to our content library. Furthermore, third-party service providers such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), e-learning platforms, or IPTV service providers can license our content.

We offer 1,000+ interactive 3D, AR, and VR lessons composed to achieve specific learning outcomes. Students have the freedom to bring academic content to life in multiple languages, listen to audio narrations, and test understanding with interactive mini-games.

Our efficacy studies carried out in Finland, the UK, USA, and Australia have revealed that our content results in:

97% increase in engagement
99% faster comprehension
81% higher retention
87% increase in examination results


Co-Create Content with Hologo

How can we collaborate to create experiences?

All you need to do is tell us what experiences you need and what learning objectives must be achieved by each experience. We will do the rest and create tailor-made 3D experiences.

What formats can content be created in?

We create interactive 3D, AR, and VR lessons, gamified assessments, and additional resources. This includes lesson notes, interactive quizzes, and videos.

What standard of content can be created?

We can create content appropriate for K12 education, higher education, or even industry-specific education and training. We create our experiences around the learning objectives you require.