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We Dare You To Dream

At DreamUp, our mission is to realize an educational community where space-based research and space-based projects will be available to all students, from primary to post-doctorate, to the International Space Station and beyond.

Cost-Effective Space Research for Your Learner!

In partnership with Nanoracks, we’ve created cost-effective kits to bring space-based research to your home, classroom, or afterschool program. These STEM experiment kits provide the opportunity to explore the exciting research on the International Space Station.

Each kit contains:

All free to you!

Space Curriculum In Your Classroom

That's right: Your Classroom, In Space

Send An Experiment To Space

We partner with Nanoracks LLC, which offers student-friendly experiment platforms, for students of all ages, on the International Space Station.
That’s right – we’ll get your experiment on a rocket and operated in space. Have the coolest science class or after school club in town.
Are you ready to be amazed?

Attend A Rocket Launch

Through DreamUp’s myLAUNCH Program, students from around the world are given special access to rocket launches. Whether you have an experiment on board, or want to book a STEM field trip, DreamUp will provide a breathtaking experience.