STEMClouds Microbit Drone


Build, Code, Fly, Develop

The world’s first micro:bit drone, combining relevant skills for mastering the future of technology.
Air:bit combines the micro:bit card’s ease of use with the excitement of building and operating a drone.
A STEAM learning kit, which will engage students in a practical and creative way of learning.
The drone is customisable, fully repairable and can withstand a lot of crashes.


Build, Code, Hover, Develop

Hover:bit is a true STEAM kit that combines arts, crafts, science and coding.
Powerful drone motors fill a pillow with air to remove friction, then pushes it forward. Hover:bit can drift swiftly up to 30 km/h.
Hover:bit class kit comes with templates that lets students use cardboard and other materials to design and build their own remote controlled vehicles.
Hover:bit V2 utilizes the built-in gyro as an anti-spin which provides a smoother drifting experience.


Build, Code, Roll, Develop

Wheel:bit is a simple three-wheeled STEAM-based robot car with programming that can be used without much experience
The vehicle can easily be converted to a programmable drawing machine by attaching a pen to the front.
Suitable from 4th grade or from 11 yr.


Build, Code, Slide, Develop

Mount skis under a Hover:bit and make a super fast, propeller driven sled!
This is an add-on set that requires Hover:bit. V1 eller V2
The kit is made of laser cut veneer of the finest quality


Meet RasleBot, the small electronic animal you make yourself, connect and which moves across the floor or table.
A creative project for the whole family where you make the animal, assemble the motor, wires and batteries. When everything is ready, you connect the wire to make a closed circuit and let the animal come to life.