Edsolab Multi-Axis Machining Simulation Software (EMAMSS)

Edsolab Multi-Axis Machining Simulation, is not just a simulator it is integrated software package that includes:
– Realistic CNC machine simulator. Setup, program and operate various CNC machines in a virtual safe environment.
– G-Code parser and debugger with advanced features like canned cycles and macros.
– Network has teaching and examination function,record the operation process, automatic scoring.

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Key Features

– High performance CNC controller with 7- inch color screen
– Industry-standard, stable cast iron construction
– 5 Station automatic tool changer change
– Industry-standard, stable cast iron construction
– More compact, high strength guide way.
– MPG hand wheel included as standard.
– USB and RS232 port.
– Auto stop & alarm when door is open
– Compatible with industry standard CAM software
– Compatible for FMS/ CIM/ IND4.0 integration


1. 808D Siemens Control System
2. Comprehensive Tooling Package
3. Auto Door for FMS / CIM
4. Pneumatic vice
5. Automatic tool changer
6. Clamping kit
7. Ergonomically Designed workbench
8. Offline CNC Simulation Software
9. 4th axis
10. Tail stock for 4th axis

Technical Details

KY 1000 CNC controller
2.2Kw High speed spindle
4 axis optional
Spindle coolant system
Linear guide-way

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