Turbine Technologies leads the industry by delivering unique turnkey classroom lab equipment and devices that offer unmatched educational value. Our industrial automation trainers offer engineering students unique learning opportunities via hands-on operation and observation of thermal, fluid and mechatronic systems. Click on the links below to learn more about our products:

Turbojet Engine Lab

MiniLabTM is a self-contained micro gas turbine jet engine lab. It offers exciting teaching opportunities in applied thermodynamics and jet propulsion. Read small gas turbine kit engine specs here.

Steam Turbine Engine Lab

The RankineCycler™ is a classroom-sized turbine power plant lab that offers unmatched hands-on thermodynamic steam power education for engineering students.

Diesel Engine Lab

Diesel Engine Lab is a portable, automation and data acquisition equipped diesel engine performance analysis system. Learn more here.

Controls Lab

ControlsLab™ is a unique training system offering state-of-the-art learning opportunities in controls & automation.

Jet Engine Cutaway

SR-30 gas model turbine engines are available in a cutaway of the engine. Students will be able to follow a detailed flow path-from compressor inlet to thrust nozzle exit. Learn more about our turbine engine models here.

Equipment By Discipline

From Civil Engineering labs to electrical engineering labs, we offer solutions for a variety of engineering labs around the world.

Turboshaft Engine Lab

Designed for research and education, the TurboGen™ electric turboshaft engine offers hands-on energy conversion lab. Learn more about turboshaft engines here.

Wind Turbine Lab

WindLab™ is an electrical renewable energy generation system and the #1 hands-on educational turbine lab tool for engineering students.

Pump Lab with Automation

FluidMechatronix: industrial fluid process automation education trainer. Utilizing water, interchangeable pump impellers, and a clear view pumping circuit.

Strain Analysis Lab

The TrueStructures™ Strain Analysis Lab is a complete system for the exploration of structural engineering problems.

Fuels Atomization Lab

SprayView Fuel Atomization Verification System is a jet engine fuel spray system used to gain an understanding of the Brayton Power Cycle.