X-MAKER | A Smart 3D Printer with Gamification 3D Design App

X-MAKER 3D Printer, with all-new Gamify 3D Design App and easy-to-use One-Press Printing, dramatically lowers the barriers of 3D Design & 3D Printing, to help kids and adults make their creativity touchable through 3D printer easier than ever.

Gamification App

10mb/s High Speed Wi-Fi

One-Press Printing

Power-Loss Recovery


3.5’’ Touch Screen

Toy Factory

Make Anything

X-MAKER 3D Printer

More specific innovation for home usage, easy of use and powerful functions

Gamify 3D Design Gadgets-Make Creation Touchable

There are 15 gamify 3D design “mini-programs” , all are super easy to DIY your digital creations.

A Reliable and Powerful Desktop 3D Printer

Leveling Free

Flexible & Magnetic Baseplate

Excellent Print Quality

Heating Platform

3.5’’ Touch Screen

Power-Loss Recovery

Excellent Noise Control

Slicing Software

Elaborate Design with Dedicated Efforts and Iterations