End-to-end IoT Test Automation for Enterprise Deployment

IoTIFY is the industry’s first and leading cloud-native IoT testing tool designed for functional, performance, and scale-testing of IoT platforms and Digital Twins.

Ensuring IoT Performance at Scale

IoTIFY accelerates time-to-market and reduces QA costs for Enterprise IoT applications

Full scale CI/CD testing automation

Improve the health of your IoT platform with continuous scale testing.

Find scalability issues ahead in time

Discover critical performance, reliability and upgradability issues before you roll out software to thousands of devices.

Rapid prototyping with Virtual Fleet

Build realistic device models and simulate a large-scale IoT installation as you roll out the new features and replace virtual devices with physical ones.

Discover critical performance, reliability and scalability issues before roll out via automated test regression. Find critical bugs before your customer do.

Accurately measure your cloud expenses with full scale simulation and validate the design changes to ensure no negative impact on software quality and performance.

Build realistic device models to develop and test your digital twin solution at every stage. Speed up feature development with virtual devices.

Simulating IoT Systems could be challenging. IoT QA teams often reinvent the wheel by developing their own beskopIoTIFY enables cloud-to-device, device-to-cloud and device-to-device interfaces, thereby enabling functional, performance and scalability testing of your IoT application.

At IoTIFY our mission is to help deliver scalable and reliable IoT outcomes. We are industry’s first and only comprehensive IoT QA solution designed from the ground up to test today’s hyper-scaler IoT Cloud applications supporting Millions of devices. Our SaaS platform offers unprecedented flexibility to validate your end-to-end IoT solution.

Stateful IoT Simulation Engine

Whatever may be your use case, IoTIFY could be customized to simulate and test your application functionality at scale

End-to-end IoT Test automation

Integrate IoTIFY with your UI testing tools like Appium, Selenium and API testing to achieve end-to-end automated IoT Test.

Load Testing at Cloud Scale

Seamlessly scale your simulation to Millions of connected endpoints and fully validate the cloud platform resiliency and business applications.

Realtime IoT Platform Health Monitoring

Embrace continous performance testing and monitor your KPIs even in production to ensure SLAs. Detect early and reduce system downtime.