Arduino Education’s Next-Gen STEAM Programs & Kits

Arduino Education cross-curricular content and open-source approach are essential tools for STEAM classes that empower and support students as they progress through middle school, high school, and university.

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Our Educational Formula

Our products consist of four fundamental components, which together guarantee a smooth, relevant, and engaging learning experience.

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Education Starter Kit

Arduino Education Starter KitBeginner-friendly guided solution for your classroom

Get started with the basics of electronics, programming, and coding. No prior knowledge is necessary – the kit will guide you through 11 exciting lessons, introducing concepts like current, voltage, resistance, and important 21st century skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking.

Each kit includes everything you need for the course: hardware, access to online learning content, and dedicated support.

Hardware and components

Arduino Education Start Kit Components

Each kit comes with all necessary hardware suitable for up to 8 students, including 4 Arduino UNO R3 boards, 4 multimeters, 4 breadboards, batteries, wires, and various sensors and actuators.

All components arrive in a durable reusable box with sorting trays, protecting the components and making classroom management easier.


Science Kit R3

Education Science Kit R3Robust hardware for rich learning experiences

The Science Kit R3 is equipped with an Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect and the Arduino Science Carrier R3. This provides an array of embedded sensors for air quality, temperature, humidity, pressure, light, and more.

These versatile sensors mean you can conduct many different experiments, encouraging a deep understanding of core physics principles – and you don’t need any experience in coding, electronics or using Arduino products to get started.

Arduino Education Science Kit R3 Journal AppIntroducing the Science Journal app

Enhance the learning experience with the Science Journal app, designed for real-time data collection and analysis inside and outside the classroom. Connected to the Arduino board via Bluetooth®, the app facilitates the seamless transition of data, enabling students to record, interpret, and gain meaningful insights from their experiments in real-time. And no coding experience is required!


Arduino Alvik

Arduino AlvikPocket-size design for flexibility

Designed for education and creation on the move, Arduino Alvik features a compact square design, ideal for flexible and various learning environments — whether in classrooms, labs, or at home. It’s your personal robot companion tailored for hands-on making, effortless coding, or engaging robotics competition.

Engineered with materials ensuring durability and reliability, Alvik boasts high-quality components and assembly, guaranteeing optimal performance across various educational activities.

From block-based to MicroPython programming

Arduino Alvik

Embracing a spectrum of programming languages such as block-based programming, MicroPython, and Arduino C, Arduino Alvik is designed for primary school students to advanced learners. Its intuitive interface and curriculum content transform coding into a fun and immersive experience, fostering creativity from interactive game design to pioneering IoT and AI projects, in line with future aspirations. Seamlessly integrated within the Arduino ecosystem, it enriches the learning journey for users across all skill levels.


PLC Starter Kit

Arduino PLC Starter KitExplore PLC

Get 20 hours of lessons with the Explore PLC course. Learn about Programmable Logic Controllers, Modbus RS-485 communications, and integration with industrial simulated systems, among other comprehensive topics.

5 PLC Programming Languages Supported

Program the kit effortlessly using the Arduino PLC IDE. This user-friendly environment simplifies PLC programming for teachers and students. Choose from any of the five programming languages defined by the IEC 61131-3 standard (Ladder,Functional Block Diagram, Structured Text, Sequential Function Chart, or Instruction List) to swiftly code PLC applications or port existing ones to Arduino Opta.


Arduino Education CTC Go!CTC GO!

Everything you need for engaging and relevant STEAM lessons

CTC GO! is a comprehensive, hands-on learning program that guides students through the fundamental concepts of electronics and coding, and challenges them to assemble, wire and program a set of fun tabletop games.

Each kit includes hardware, access to online learning content, and dedicated support.


CTC GO!Hardware and components

The kit comes with all the necessary hardware for up to 24 students, including 8 UNO WiFi Rev2 boards, 8 Arduino Education shields, breadboards, batteries, cables, assembly pieces, and various sensors and actuators.

All components are packed into durable, stackable boxes, optimal for easy storage and years of use.



Arduino Explorer IoT KitExplore the connected world

With the Arduino Explore IoT Kit, advanced high school and college students can now create their own connected devices quickly and easily. Students will learn to harness the power of the Arduino Cloud to gather data, understand how devices communicate with each other, and which tools to use to facilitate communication. They’ll also learn about data management, analysis, and computational thinking.

New and improved hardware

Each kit contains the new Arduino MKR IoT Carrier Rev2 developed specially for this kit, an Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 board and built-in sensors and actuators to create projects connected to the Internet.



Arduino Engineering Kit Rev2An engineering course unlike any other

The Engineering Kit gives students a strong understanding of basic engineering concepts through projects that create a fun and collaborative learning environment.

Students are able to connect what they learn with real-world industries, are encouraged to think critically, and deepen their knowledge through experimentation.

Each kit includes all necessary hardware, online learning content, software, and support.

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