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We are dedicated to providing holistic, high-quality, and reliable solutions for today’s STEM classrooms.

Scientific Technology for Educators & Students

For more than 40 years, we have empowered educators like you with world-class data-collection technology and innovative experiments. Your passion and dedication, along with the implementation of high-quality sensors, experiments, and resources in your classroom or laboratory, enable your students to explore science in new ways. Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to encourage scientific curiosity in all students. See what partnering with us can do.

Elementary School

Young minds are naturally curious⁠—engage your students with fun, interactive lessons that encourage investigation of their world and instill a lifelong love of learning.
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Middle School

Spark your students’ curiosity and prepare them for high school–and the world beyond. Enhance their discovery and understanding of the world around them with the use of hands-on technology.
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High School

Today’s labs create tomorrow’s leaders. Encourage students and build their confidence in pursuing a STEM career path with hands-on experience using data-collection technology.
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Our durable hardware and quality software are designed and priced for hands-on student use and learning. Give your students the opportunity to gain practical, relevant data-collection and analysis experience
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Take your skills to the next level with our professional development opportunities.
We know that in order to help your students succeed, you need to succeed. From hands-on workshops to a robust library of on-demand training videos, we provide the tools for your continued growth as an educator.
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Our durable sensors and high-quality classroom and laboratory solutions are supported by active, hands-on experiments and award-winning technical support.

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See how students are using Vernier technology in the classroom!
David Carter, an instructor at Kansas State University, Engineering Extension, uses wind energy to introduce middle school, high school, and college students to engineering and design concepts. This includes a statewide challenge, a STEM summer institute, Introduction to Mechanical Engineering 101, and an “Energy Library” for Kansas K–12 schools.