Virtual Reality for Schools

Edsolab comes complete with everything teachers need to improve student engagement and introduce virtual reality into the classroom

Virtual Reality Headsets

Edsolab is a fully integrated, classroom-ready device with no additional hardware required to get you started.

Headset Management

Edsolab’s Portal gives teachers the controls to easily send content and direct and monitor student attention, maximising learning time.

Curriculum Aligned Content

Edsolab provides thousands of virtual and augmented reality educational content to add value to your lessons, no matter what the subject.

Secure Storage & Charging

All Edsolab headsets come in a rugged storage and charging case to ensure your devices are always ready when you are.

Set up & Training

Our technicians setup and configure the headsets for you and our educational team teach you how to use them.

How are Schools Implementing Virtual Reality in the Classroom? Get our FREE guide today!

Our “50 Creative Ways to Use Edsolab” provides practical and inspiring lesson ideas directly from our customers. Learn how students of all ages have explored a wide range of content in line with the curriculum, find out how teachers have used Edsolab as part of their smart classrooms and how you could spark learning opportunities in your school’s classroom setting!

Edsolab’s standalone VR headset comes with a unique student-friendly interface, embedded educational VR & AR resources and simple-to-use teacher controls.

Using technology in a busy classroom isn’t always as easy as it should be. The Edsolab interface and teacher portal provide the simple-to-use tools needed to ensure this exciting and engaging technology can deliver a rich, reliable experience for you and your students.

Improve Learning Outcomes by Integrating VR into your Lessons

Evidence shows virtual reality has the tools to push the boundaries of your teaching and helps students meet their learning goals. Edsolab offers a great way to engage your students and enhance your existing lessons with VR designed specifically for schools.

Learning through experience can boost knowledge retention by up to 75%.
Increase your students’ ability to retain knowledge by immersing them into exciting experiences they’ll never forget.
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We only remember 10% of what we read, but can retain 90% of what we experience.
Improve students’ interaction within the classroom by incorporating visual stimuli with Edsolab’s virtual experiences.
Edsolab can improve student attainment increasing exam results by up to 20%.
Edsolab comes complete with all the tools you need to deliver curriculum-aligned VR lessons to boost your students’ learning.
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