Compact CNC Milling Machine  |  EMT-DM300

An enclosed desktop CNC milling machine with a compact 3-axis design, tailored for educational institutions like schools and vocational colleges to enhance technical training. This machine is equipped with an advanced industrial CNC controller that supports a wide array of functions including contouring, circular milling, drilling, pocket milling, and boring. Delivered fully assembled and ready for operation, it is designed to seamlessly work with industry-standard CAM software packages and can be seamlessly integrated into FMS/CIM/IND 4.0 systems for enhanced automation and efficiency.

Compact CNC Milling Machine | EMT-DM300

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Key Features

– Incorporates a high-performance CNC controller featuring a 7-inch color screen
– Constructed with stable cast iron, adhering to industry standards
– Features a more compact design with high-strength guide ways
– Ensures a fully covered work area
– Includes an MPG hand wheel as a standard component
– Equipped with a network interface supporting remote monitoring and DNC file transfer
– Features USB and RS232 ports for enhanced connectivity
– Incorporates auto-stop and alarm functions when the door is opened
– Compatible with industry-standard CAM software
– Designed for seamless integration with FMS/CIM/IND4.0 systems
– Holds CE certifications for compliance4.0 integration


1. Siemens 808D Control System
2. Extensive Tooling Package
3. Automated Door for FMS/CIM Pneumatic Vice
4. Automated Tool Changer
5. Clamping Kit
6. Ergonomically Designed Workbench
7. CNC Simulation Software for Offline Use
8. 4th Axis Capability
9. Tailstock for 4th Axis

Technical Details

4 position tool post
KY 980 CNC controller
1000W spindle motor
Liquid coolant system

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