DX Series

DX 200-3

(Model Variant: VMC 430nvu / VMC 850nvu / VMC1260nvu)
(Model Variants: DX 200-3)

For the revolutionary and competitive market DX 200 series serves a platform to perform greater on high productivity and superior surface finish as it has derived from continuous development and innovation since Jyoti has begun to CNC machine tool manufacturing. The series is most demanding due to its rigid step-up structure and construction with versatile application which covers optimum dimension ranges of workpiece.

Key Features

  • Rigid bed and single piece 30° slant saddle construction.
  • Rigid headstock & Heavy duty spindle.
  • High precision L.M. guide ways.
  • Bi-directional high speed servo turret.
  • Fast tool changing time just 0.5 sec.
  • Efficient chip disposal.
  • Tail stock with hydraulic quill.
  • Hydraulic chucking.
  • Auto and manual coolant system.
  • Electrical with quality devices & panel with A.C.
  • Centralized & programmable lubrication.
      DX 200-3
    Swing Over Bedmm500
    Std. Turning Dia.mm250
    Max. Turning Dia.*mm320
    Max. Turning Length*mm320
    X-Axis Travel (Cross)mm175
    Z-Axis Travel (Longitudinal)mm320
    Rapid Feed (X & Z Axis)m/min24/24
    Main Spindle  
    Spindle Motor Power – SiemenskW9.8/7.5
    Spindle Motor Power – FanuckW7.5 / 5.5
    Spindle Speed Rangerpm50-4000
    Spindle Boremm55
    Spindle Nose A25
    Max. Bar Capacitymm44
    No. of Station 8
    Max. Boring Bar Dia.mm40
    Tool Size (Cross Sectional)mm25 x 25
    Tail Stock  
    Quill Dia.mm85
    Quill Strokemm120
    Accuracy (as Per VDI/DGQ 3441)  
    Positioning Uncertainty (P)mm0.007
    Repeatability (Ps Medium)mm0.005
    Other Data  
    Machine Weight (Approx.)#Kg2500
    Machine Dimension (Approx.)#:  



    Machine Tool professionals are among the most sought after by companies. The competencies behind the qualifi cations in this fi eld are complex and range from the interpretation of plans to working in Industry 4.0 environments. Our classroom proposal is based on the combination of CNC machines, mechanical design software and NC programming Alecop software, generating an effi cient and motivating environment for students and tutors.
    All this equipment has the following educational aims:
    Integral equipment :

    VMC Performance Series

    VMC nvu Series

    (Model Variant: VMC 430nvu / VMC 850nvu / VMC1260nvu)

    To match greater accuracy and higher reliability ay higher speed the series is developed with high dynamic structure support and rapid axis acceleration. Broad base and twin layer heavy column improves vibration damping and balance the machine during machining with heavy cutting parameter. Broad table supported by precision LM guideways to offer high load carrying capacity. The series is best suited for high material removal from casting and forging preferred in die mould application.

    Key Features

  • Broad column structure and robust construction.
  • High dynamics structure and high acceleration upto 5m/sec2
  • Table with high load carrying capacity.
  • Wider Linear Motion guide ways.
  • High performance 10000rpm BT-40 ceramic bearing spindle for DM-version.
  • High Torque & High Power spindle motor for P-version.
  • Electricals with quality device & panel AC.
  • 90° tilting operator panel.
  • Ergonomic design and improved operating condition.
  • Auto & manual coolant.
  • Efficient chip disposal and easy chip evacuation
  • Wide working area.
  • Centralized & programmable lubrication
  •   VMC 430nvuVMC 850nvuVMC 1260nvuVMC 1370nvu
    Table Sizemm600 x 3001000 X 5301400 X 6301500 X 700
    T-Slot Dimensionmm3 X 14 X 1004 X 18 X 1005 X 18 X 1255 X 18 X 125
    Distance from Floor to Tablemm88096510901090
    Max. Load on Tablekgf20050012001200
    X-Axis Travelmm40082012201300
    Y-Axis Travelmm300510600700
    Z-Axis Travel mm400510610700
    Dis. From Spindle Face to Table Top (Min.-Max.)mm200-600150-660150-760150-850
    Rapid Traverse (X, Y & Z Axis)m/min40/40/32242420
    Cutting Feedm/min10101010
    Main Spindle     
    Spindle Speed Rangerpm1000010000 (6000)10000 (6000)10000 (6000)
    Spindle Motor Power -FanuckW7.5/5.511/7.5 (15/11)11/7.5 (15/11)11/7.5 (15/11)
    Spindle Motor Power -SiemenskW7.2/5.514.3/11 (15.6/12)14.3/11 (15.6/12)14.3/11 (15.6/12)
    Front Bearing Boremm60707070
    Spindle Nose BT 40BT – 40BT – 40BT – 40
    Automatic Tool Changer     
    Number of Tool 20202020
    Max. Tool Dia. Pockets (All/Adj. empty)mm80/15080/12580/12580/125
    Max.Tool Weight kg7777
    Max.Tool Lengthmm200250250250
    Accuracy (As per VDI/DGQ 3441)     
    Positioning Uncertainty (P)mm0.0100.0100.0100.015
    Repeatability (Ps medium)mm0.0050.0050.0050.007
    Other Data     
    Weight # (Approx.)Kg3500570085609000
    Dimension # (Approx.)