Micro CNC Turning Machine | EMT-FL300

4 Axis Milling Machine with the option of 4th and 5th axis

Micro CNC Milling Machine

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Key Features

– High-performance CNC controller featuring Options a 7-inch color screen
– Constructed from stable cast iron, meeting industry standards
– Fully enclosed and compact design
– Equipped with robust guide rails for enhanced durability
– Includes a 1.5KW spindle and 750W 3-axis servo motors
– Features automatic alignment functionality
– Incorporates an automatic closed-circuit lubrication system
– Standard inclusion of an MPG handwheel
– Offers connectivity through USB and Rs232 ports
– Features an auto-stop mechanism and alarm system upon door opening

With sink and nozzles
High-precision linear guide,Selection of high -quality casting materials,more compact.
High quality 3 axis servo motor.
Pre-installed 4 axis fast interface.
Best choice for DIY or Hobby user and Education & Training CNC.


1. Comprehensive tooling package
2. Clamping kit
3. Auto door for FMS / CIM
4. Pneumatic vice
5. 10 Station automatic tool changer
6. Optional 4th Axis and 5th Axis
7. Tail stock for 4th Axis
8. Ergonomically designed workbench
9. Offline CNC simulation software

Technical Details

KY 1000 CNC controller
2.2Kw tool change spindle
750W AC servo motors
10 Position automatic tool changer (ATC)
Liquid coolant system

Download Product Sheet