Commercial Truck & Car Driving Simulator

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Truck Driving Simulator and Heavy Vehicle Simulator for Training

TecknoSIM Truck Driving Simulator is an actual replica of a vehicle with real controls and advance driving physics to provide an immersive driving experience. The simulator is scalable and designed for training and assessment of professional truck drivers on commercial vehicles like rigid truck, articulated truck, tipper truck , electric truck & military truck. Customized software & digital twins of terrains making it suitable for both left and right-hand driving countries.
TecknoSIM Heavy Vehicle simulator enables training on eco driving, defensive driving, dangerous goods transportation , emergency driving and road safety awareness under complete safety. The driver assessment program enables testing drivers’ skills on simulators before issuing a driver’s license. TecknoSIM Truck simulator is widely used by OEMs, logistics, truck driving schools, vocational training centers, oil & gas companies for driver training, skill development and automotive research projects.

Car Driving Simulator

TecknoSIM Car Driving Simulator is an advanced simulator that enables training of both novice and experienced drivers in real life scenarios. The simulator is a replica of an actual car with real vehicle controls like steering wheel, gears, brakes , pedals, indicators and switches. The simulator hardware and software are configurable for a range of light vehicles including sedan, SUV, 4×4 and vans and are designed for both left hand and right hand driving countries. TecknoSIM Car Simulators are widely used by driving schools, vocational training institutes, automotive research institutes, logistic and transportation companies.

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